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A leading supplier of wholesale industrial gas
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Zephyr Presents Industrial Gas Solutions for the New Economy

Every industry in the world relies on something that hardly anyone talks about: Industrial gas. However, nearly the entire supply chain is controlled by just a few large companies, who want to sell as much gas as possible, as close as possible to their facilities. That’s great for their wallets, but what about for you and your business? Zephyr is different. Hit play and find out how we’ve revolutionized our national supply chain, centralized billing and ordering, and allow you to deliver value back to your customers.

Zephyr Industrial Gas Solutions:

Helium for retailers

Zephyr distributes wholesale helium gas to retail chains all over the world and is the only helium supplier with a distribution network throughout all 50 states.

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Industrial propane

Zephyr supplies 20-pound floor buffer and 33-pound forklift propane tanks. We can also fill your 500- or 1,000-gallon propane tanks for you, right on-site.

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Zephyr CO2

Zephyr distributes beverage-grade carbon dioxide gas throughout North America, with a specialization in the food and beverage industry.

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Wholesale nitrogen

Zephyr supplies 99.99% pure nitrogen gas for the food and beverage industry, brewers and micro-brewers, and for fire prevention and safety purposes.

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Dry ice distribution

Zephyr Zephyr distributes wholesale dry ice for the medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and storage and transport industries.

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Medical industry gases

From medical air, oxygen, nitrous oxide, and more, Zephyr prides itself in providing medical gases to hospitals, surgery facilities, medical practices, EMS, and frontline.

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Also from Zephyr Solutions:

Cylinder safety equipment

Zephyr supplies a full line of cylinder safety and transport equipment. When you need to make sure you’re compliant with cylinder safety regulations, choose Zephyr.

Cylinder transport & safety

Regulators & inflators

Zephyr’s heavy-duty helium inflators and regulators are assembled and dual-tested in the U.S. Backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Products for retailers

Zephyr also manufactures and supplies a variety of wholesale party and balloon products for retail stores and large chains.

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A Leading National Provider Of Wholesale Industrial Gases

Zephyr is a leading supplier of industrial and medical gases, including helium, propane, CO2, and nitrogen, as well as dry ice. We work with large retail chains and high-volume companies throughout North America and the world. Our national distribution network ensures prompt, consistent delivery to any location throughout all 50 states. Zephyr boasts an international presence as well, including Central and South America, Canada, Japan, Israel, and the Caribbean. When you need to buy helium, propane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, or dry ice, rely on Zephyr. Learn more about us here.