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From order forms and product guides to maximizing helium checklists- feel free to download our quick and easy resources. If your computer directs you to a web page of the PDF instead of downloading directly, simply go to File > Save as > and save the file to your computer.

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Zephyr Presents Industrial Gas Solutions for the New Economy

The Balloon Buddy from Zephyr – As Seen On TV Full Commercial

O-rings for helium inflators and regulators

Zephyr’s ZOOM Dual-Air Inflator

The ZIP Latex Balloon Inflator

Dual Action Balloon Hand Pump

Zephyr’s FoilFlator Foil Balloon Inflator

BRDUAL-V Dual Inflator with Gauge

BRDUAL 60/40 Helium/Air Regulator

Zephyr’s BR6040L Helium Regulator

How to inflate helium balloons

Zephyr’s Helium Balloon Inflators

Zephyr Helium Checklist for Maximizing Helium

Checklist for Maximizing Zephyr Helium

Zephyr Helium Equipment Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Zephyr customer credit application form

Customer Credit Application Form

Zephyr Solutions 2023 Product Catalog | Industrial Gas Catalog

Zephyr Product Catalog

zephyr helium cylinder balloon capacity guide

Helium Balloon & Cylinder Capacity Guide

zephyr troubleshooting microbulk co2

Troubleshooting: Microbulk CO2

zephyr troubleshooting cylinder co2

Troubleshooting: Cylinder CO2

Zephyr Helium Tax Exemption Certificate

Tax Exemption Certificate

Zephyr helium safety data sheet

Zephyr Helium Safety Data Sheet

zephyr helium TR1 transfill helium instructions

Zephyr Helium Transfilling Guide

Zephyr Helium Equipment Order Form

Zephyr Helium & Equipment Order Form