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About Zephyr Helium

Zephyr wholesale helium is an industrial-grade, highly specialized helium gas with a purity of 99.99%, delivered in high-pressure cylinders. Beyond our reliable wholesale helium delivery and low prices, our customers have also expressed a tremendous appreciation for our streamlined central ordering and billing system, which allows them to focus on their sales instead of on paperwork and processes. At Zephyr, we’re all about making life better, for everyone. Join us, and experience it for yourself.

Why Zephyr Wholesale Helium

Zephyr provides wholesale helium gas to major retail chains and high-volume stores all over the world. We are the only helium supplier with a national distribution network throughout all 50 United States. This allows us to offer our customers a level of coverage that is unmatched by any other helium supplier and it gives us the ability to deliver wholesale helium to geographic areas that our competitors simply cannot reach. Through our expansive distribution network, Zephyr has provided a consistent supply of helium even during shortages when other major helium suppliers ran empty.

Our national helium supply network

Through our expansive network of local distributors and strategic partnerships, Zephyr has always ensured a continuous flow of helium. In building our model of promoting local businesses across the nation, we have established a level of flexibility and customization for our customers that is unmatched by any other supplier. We can deliver helium to any point in the United States, whether you’re in a major city or a one road town.

Need Helium?

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Helium Resources

When it comes to helium, trust the experts. Below are shortcuts to Zephyr’s helium resources and information, for your convenience. If you have any further questions about Zephyr wholesale helium, please feel free to call us!

FAQ: Where can I buy Helium from?

Looking for a reliable supply of helium gas? Look no further than Zephyr. Zephyr is a most reliable wholesale helium supplier of helium gas, and commercial helium tanks and cylinders. Click here for wholesale helium information.

FAQ: Where to get Helium tanks and cylinders?

Zephyr is the leading wholesale supplier of helium cylinder & tanks in the U.S. If you need less than 2 helium cylinders or tanks per month or on a one-time order, please click here. For wholesale orders, visit our pages on industrial grade helium and helium for balloons.

Helium capacity & filling guide

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PDF: Helium Safety Data Sheet

This PDF lists all regulatory information for your helium gas, including the physical and chemical properties, handling, storage, & more.

Get helium safety data sheet

PDF: Maximizing Helium Checklist

Conserve your helium, save your money! Make the most of your helium with this simple list of basic checks and recommendations. All in a convenient, downloadable PDF.

See maximizing helium checklist

PDF: Helium Order Form

Already a Zephyr helium customer? Download our order form (PDF) to put together your next order. Discounts available for large quantities! Call us for current pricing.

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Need Helium?

Need 2 or less helium tanks? Please click here