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Zephyr distributes wholesale CO2 gas throughout North America, with a specialization in the food and beverage industry. Zephyr delivers in 20- and 50-lb. compressed gas cylinders as standard, but can accommodate for alternative size tanks as needed. Additionally, we can fill large, outdoor dewars on site.

Zephyr carbon dioxide is used within the food and packaging industries for food preservation and storage, canning, purging, fumigation and pest prevention of dry goods, to prevent moisture and oxidation, and for beverage carbonation and dispensing.

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    Did you know we pay for carbon dioxide referrals?

    Zephyr pays bonuses to any individual or company that refers us for national or regional carbon dioxide gas delivery. If you believe you know a retail store, company, or high volume contact that needs co2, tell us about them at the link below. If your referral leads to a standard service agreement, we’ll send you a check.

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