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About Zephyr Dry Ice

Zephyr distributes wholesale dry ice throughout North America, specializing in the medical, hospital, and food and beverage industries. Zephyr dry ice is primarily sourced for ultra-cold, controlled atmosphere packaging and preservation, such as for the transport and storage or vaccines and other medicines, as well as for delivery preservation and storage in the food and beverage.

Learn more about Zephyr dry ice for medical and hospitals, or for the food and beverage industry.

Why Zephyr Solutions?

Zephyr dry ice is always priced low with available savings for large volume orders. Our centralized ordering and billing system is simple and fuss-free and provides excellent visibility on usage data.

Furthermore, we spent a decade building a U.S. distribution network that has become the most expansive in the industry (and we’re always building it bigger and better). Riding on this network, we can deliver wholesale dry ice to any small town or large city in the United States, even internationally.

Need Wholesale Dry Ice?

Dry Ice Resources

Trust the dry ice professionals. Below are shortcuts to Zephyr’s dry ice resources and information, for your convenience. If you have any further questions about Zephyr dry ice, please consult our FAQ page or feel free to call us!

FAQ: Where can I buy wholesale dry ice from?

Here! Zephyr is a trusted dry ice supplier to retail chains across the United States. If you’re looking to buy wholesale dry ice, click here and we’ll give you a free quote!

FAQ: What industries do you sell dry ice to?

Zephyr distributes dry ice primarily to two industries: Hospital and medical, including pharmaceutical companies, as well as for the food and beverage and transportation industry. Zephyr can supply dry ice throughout North America. Learn more here.

FAQ: Is Zephyr Dry Ice suitable for vaccine storage?

Yes. Zephyr dry ice is ideal for ensuring the safe transport and storage of vital vaccines and other medicines that require extreme cold environments. Learn more here.

FAQ: Do you sell dry ice directly to consumers?

Zephyr is a wholesale supplier of dry ice, which is supplied to commercial and industrial customers through its national distribution network. Zephyr does not sell dry ice directly to consumers.

FAQ: Is there a dry ice minimum order requirement?

Zephyr does not require a minimum order or quantity for dry ice for medical, commercial, or industrial customers. If you are interested in a quote for wholesale dry ice, please click through here!

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