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Food and Beverage Carbon Dioxide Gas

Zephyr supplies compressed carbon dioxide gas, especially for the food and beverage industry. Get your CO2 quote here!

Compressed carbon dioxide gas for the food and beverage industry

Zephyr carbon dioxide gas is used within the food and packaging industries for controlled atmosphere storage for the preservation of food and produce, improved greenhouse growth, as well as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Zephyr CO2 is a must to prolong product shelf life and prevent degradation from moisture or oxidation, and is the most effective gas for pest prevention and fumigation of dry goods.

Make it fizz! Zephyr provides a reliable supply of beverage-approved CO2 gas for carbonation in soft drinks and other beverages. In general, 3.5 – 4 parts carbon dioxide to 1 part beverage is required for carbonation, with fruity drinks requiring less CO2 and colas needing more. Zephyr CO2 is also used to control pH levels in liquids, including drinking water.

Why Zephyr carbon dioxide?

We have built the most expansive U.S. distribution network in the helium industry and it’s on this network that ensures we can consistently deliver CO2 to you anywhere, whether it’s New York City— population: 8,491,079, or Buford, Wyoming— population: 1. We deliver internationally as well.

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If you’re in the food and beverage industry and need carbon dioxide gas, fill out the form and we’ll give you an accurate quote quickly. Or call during business hours: 1-877-275-9374. Thanks for choosing Zephyr CO2!

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