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Nitrogen Gas for Fire Safety & Prevention

Zephyr supplies 99.99% pure compressed nitrogen gas for fire safety and prevention purposes, delivered in 200- or 300-cubic-foot steel cylinders. Get your nitrogen quote here!

Compressed nitrogen gas for fire safety and prevention

Known for its inert properties, Zephyr’s 99.99% nitrogen gas is the perfect solution for fire safety, prevention, and suppression, used both in atmospheric control and sprinkling system applications. The introduction of nitrogen gas into a potentially combustible atmosphere reduces or fully removes the threat of fire and explosion by displacing the oxygen in the environment. If enough oxygen is not present, a spark or fire cannot occur. Additionally, the introduction of nitrogen into commercial sprinkling systems prevents the risk of internal corrosion by displacing the oxygen and any build up of condensation that can lead to damage or leaks in the system.

Why Zephyr nitrogen?

Zephyr Solutions is a trusted supplier of helium, propane, and other industrial gases to major retail chains and businesses, both nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver to any town or city in the 50 United States, regardless of size or locale. Through our best-in-industry distribution network, we have always been able to supply a consistent flow of gases for our customers.

Zephyr also provides compressed nitrogen gas for the food and beverage industry.

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