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Nitrogen Gas for Food and Beverage

Zephyr supplies 99.99% pure compressed nitrogen gas for the food and beverage industry, brewers and micro-brewers.
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Compressed nitrogen gas for the food, beverage, and brewing industries

Zephyr’s 99.99% pure nitrogen is ideal for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and preservation, increasing the shelf life of produce, meat, and other foods while suppressing the growth of bacteria by displacing oxygen and eliminating moisture. Zephyr nitrogen ensures that goods like coffee beans, nuts, cheese, potato chips, grains and more are packaged and flushed to preserve delicate flavors and prevent spoilage for maximum shelf life.

Additionally, Zephyr nitrogen is optimal for beverage storage and transport — a staple for brewing, bottling, and beverage dispensing systems. Nitrogen is also an effective means of cleaning production machines, fumigating grain of any present insects or eggs, and sparging (or “fluffing”) of liquids.

Why Zephyr nitrogen?

We have spent the better part of a decade building the most expansive U.S. distribution network in the industry. This means that you can rest assured that we will be able to consistently deliver to you anywhere, whether it’s New York City— population: 8,491,079, or Buford, Wyoming— population: 1. If you’ve ever been stuck without nitrogen, you understand how valuable a consistent, on-time supply is.

Zephyr also supplies compressed nitrogen for fire prevention and fire safety.

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