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New to filling helium foil and latex balloons? Or maybe you need a good training guide for new employees? Just ask Zephyr!

As always, the very first step before you inflate your helium foil or latex balloons to make sure your equipment is properly secured and all the parts, including your inflator, seals, and O-ring, are in excellent working condition.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?


How to attach your inflator to your helium tank:

1. Make sure the helium valve on your tank is CLOSED.
2. Alight the inflator to the valve threads and use the hand-tight connector to secure the inflator to the tank.
3. After the inflator is secured, OPEN the helium valve on the tank.


How to inflate helium foil balloons:

1. First make sure you’re using an inflator specific to foil balloons, which includes an anti-burst regulator. If you aren’t sure, click here.
2. Slide the foil balloon stem OVER the brass inflator tip.
3. Holding the foil balloon stem tight to the brass, simply push the tip down. This releases helium up into the balloon.

Hey if you already have your balloons and know how to fill them, but you don’t have your helium, fill up! Get a free helium quote here!


How to inflate helium latex balloons:

1. Place the stem of the latex balloon on the rubber tilt valve.
2. Gently tilt the valve. The latex balloon will begin to fill. (NEVER bend the tilt valve!)


When you’re finished inflating your helium balloons:

1. CLOSE the valve on your helium tank.
2. Now bleed the valve by opening the inflator tip (the same way that you filled your balloons).
3. Now you can disconnect the inflator using the hand-tight connector.
4. Put the cylinder cap back on your helium tank for safety.


If you aren’t sure what some of the parts are that we are referencing, watch the video below. It will take you through step-by-step, showing each of the parts we have covered!


If you have any other questions, hey don’t hesitate! Just ask Zephyr!

Happy filling!


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