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A helium reserve that is one of the largest ever discovered on Earth may be becoming a bit of a heated subject in Tanzania.


The importance of helium

Regular readers of our blog may recall our article from last year, breaking down one of the biggest helium stories of this century to date.

There is an ongoing concern about the shortage of helium available on our planet, and due to the regular supply and demand of the marketplace, some years tend to be more critical than others.

Helium, as we know, is not just for balloons. It’s actually quite critical and in many cases, irreplaceable, in the medical, technological, scientific, and space exploration industries.

Helium is used in everything from computer hard drives and Internet fiber to space ships and MRIs. Although, if you are running your own helium balloon program, we happen to be the leading provider of helium gas! Zephyr can give you a free helium quote any time!


Massive helium reserve discovery

So in the summer of 2016, when some scientists searching the volcanic stretch of the Tanzanian Rift Valley came across a massive underground helium reserve, it was quickly toted as a “game-changer.”

The initial estimates stated there was around 54 BILLION cubic feet of helium trapped under the volcanic crust. For reference, at the time that was more than SIX TIMES the helium supply in the entire world, as stated by Matthew Reynolds at WIRED.

Fun fact: It was also the first time EVER that humans found a reserve of helium on purpose!


The battle over the helium reserve

Nearly a year later, there seems to be a bit of a battle starting over who will control and manage the huge helium reserve in Tanzania.

According to an article on AllAfrica.com, Tanzania is looking to create its own state-run helium company, blocking the largest mining firm (a petroleum company) in the country from getting their hands on the helium reserves and the inevitable income that will be generated.

To read all about this developing story, click over to the original article, here.


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