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Making a conversion from oil to propane can provide exceptional savings for your company. Historically, customers have seen up to 20% savings in favor of propane versus oil.* At Zephyr, we are a premier leader among wholesale propane suppliers for various types of industrial machines, including floor buffers, forklifts, and burnishers.

Easier Positioning of Propane Heaters

In addition to the fuel cost savings, it is also highly beneficial to position propane heaters in close proximity to the point of use in a particular facility. This negates the need for lengthy routes of piping for the supply of heat. In addition, electric hot water heaters are used in many oil-fired facilities, and converting these facilities to propane use can reduce the cost of water-heater energy considerably.

Installation of LPG Tank Farms

Due to their location, numerous industrial facilities have traditionally relied on oil due to the unavailability of natural gas. However, an alternative for these facilities that can save energy costs is the installation of liquid propane (LPG) tank farms that provide the same benefits as natural gas. With such an installation, a rural facility may achieve as much as a 40-percent energy savings depending on the costs of installation and the associated logistics.*

Lower Maintenance Costs

The considerable reduction in maintenance costs associated with using propane, as opposed to oil, is another important benefit of implementing this type of mechanical conversion. More maintenance is often required for oil burners as opposed to propane.

A leader amongst wholesale propane suppliers, Zephyr delivers through a comprehensive, national delivery network. Regardless of whether you are located in a highly populated city or a small rural town, you can count on us as your trusted wholesale propane supplier.

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