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Cost is always crucial when choosing a helium supplier, but there’s much more to it. Will you get what you paid for, or will you be left deflated?

For the most part, price is the number one thing you are going to be concerned with when choosing a new helium supplier. However, there are other very important factors to consider when choosing a helium supplier that goes beyond cost.

Let us break these crucial elements down for you below.

Choose an expert on helium

Many companies can supply helium, however, you want to be sure the helium supplier you choose is an expert on the gas and how it can be used.

There are many different grades of helium (see a list here). Your supplier should be able to expertly break down the different grades of helium and uses of those different grades so that you’re left knowing exactly what you need and what you don’t.

There are also many important safety and compliance requirements pertaining to the handling, usage, and storage of helium gas and cylinders, and they can break down even further depending on your state. Your helium supplier should know these rules and regulations inside and out and be able to provide error-proof, expert consultation to ensure you are fully safe and compliant.

Many companies supply helium gas, so make sure you’re dealing with an expert on helium and all of its properties, safety requirements, equipment requirements, and so forth — not just someone who wants to sell you tanks.

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Choose a helium supplier that can deliver

This seems obvious, right? However, if you have multiple locations in state, or throughout a region, or even nationally/internationally, you need to be sure that those locations will always have a constant flow of helium.

Many helium suppliers can deliver to all the major cities, but if you’re on or beyond the outskirts, you may be out of luck.

Do your research. Invest some time in learning about the distribution network of the helium supplier and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions.

If you need a helium tank rushed to your location in Buford, Wyoming, for example, can your helium supplier do it? It’s best to prepare for this situation by calling and asking rather than encountering it in real-life and possibly being out of luck.

Choose a helium supplier that makes your company efficient

Money is important right? That’s why we quote prices. And we all know the saying, “time is money.”

The last thing you want is to tie your staff up with hours and hours every week trying to handle orders, re-orders, equipment, billing and invoicing, etc. Your staff should be focusing on your business, not on sorting out your helium supplier’s business.

If you’re shopping for a helium supplier, call them and ask if they have a streamlined, centralized ordering system.

Ask about their ordering and pick-up processes. Find out how much paperwork and processing they require for an order, because that will be exactly how much extra work you and/or your staff will have to dedicate their time to.

Believe it or not, many times this is still a convoluted process, even in the largest of helium suppliers. So find out!

Does the helium supplier offer supply monitoring?

If you have multiple locations, is it going to be up to you or one of your managers to have to remember to call up each store every couple of weeks to make sure they have enough helium?

These days, a good helium supplier can offer you a real-time supply monitoring feature. You should be able to check in at any time, from anywhere, and know exactly what locations have helium, which ones need helium, how much is being used, and current helium supply levels.

Does the helium supplier offer equipment?

Once you have your helium tanks, what next? Do you know what kind of regulators you need? Do you know about regulation brackets and transport trucks for storing your tanks under state or federal compliance? What happens when your O-rings start to wear or crack over time, letting your valuable helium leak out?

Your helium supplier should not only be an expert on all of these parts and pieces, but ideally they should be able to offer them to you with your helium order AND expertly advise you on how to install and safely use the hardware.

The very best helium suppliers even offer face-to-face expert conservation and safety training sessions for all of your staff!


So there you have it – Zephyr’s guide to choosing the right helium supplier. After you get your price quotes, you need to be sure that your helium supplier is an expert partner, not just someone selling you gas. Make sure they can deliver to all your locations, all the time. Make sure their ordering processes are centralized and easy so that your staff doesn’t waste your company time working on their business. Make sure you will be empowered with real-time monitoring from your helium supplier. Finally, make sure your helium supplier is also an equipment expert and ask if they will provide hands-on training to your entire staff. When you find a helium supplier that offers all of the above AND a fair price, then you know you have a trusted partner for your business.

Have any questions for this helium supplier? Call us at 877-275-9374 and we’ll be happy to tackle your questions! You can also get a free online helium quote here.


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