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We’re saying it: This is perhaps the most beautiful helium balloon art in the history of the world.

Bruno Ribeiro (also known as Nohist) is an audiovisual artist who has spent his last six years creating new, almost hallucinogenic artworks that might just be better classified as “atmospheres.” Cyclique is no exception.

Built and displayed (see the installation photos here) in collaboration with Collectif Coin at an event in Amiens, France, Cyclique was a 7,500-square-foot floating outdoor grid composed of 256 white balloons that were filled with helium and implanted with LED lights.

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As the massive helium balloon grid swayed in the night winds like a single, living structure, Ribeiro employed specific algorithms to sync intricate lighting sequences to a 25-minute long soundtrack, with the ultimate goal of making sound and sight “a single and indivisible sense.”

The end result is engaging, mesmerizing, immersive – a work of helium balloon art unlike anything the world has ever seen.

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Source: nohista.org, Vimeo