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This is the ultimate game of H.O.R.S.E. and a use of helium balloons that we can’t say we’ve ever seen done before. The outcome is insane!

This group of guys got the idea to suspend a basketball hoop in the sky and see if they can make some impossible shots.

The men, who go by the name Dude Perfect, were even able to use the Texas Motor Speedway as their basketball court.

Three massive helium balloons were needed to float the backboard and rim of the hoop (pole removed). To keep it from floating away, the basketball hoop was tethered to the ground from three sides, which also helped stabilize it for the shots.

Helium balloon basketball: Shot 1

The first shot is taken from the roof of the speedway with the basketball hoop suspended down over the race track. This means that the shot had to clear the stands, get over the protective chain link fencing, and cross the race track to even reach the hoop.

The shot is so far in fact, that the ball, from the point of release until it swishes through the net, is in the air for a full 3.5 seconds!

There is so much distance between the roof and the hoop that the spin of the ball actually causes it to curve through the air from right to left before it goes through the rim.

Helium balloon basketball: Shot 2

For the second shot, the helium balloon basketball hoop was moved back toward the center field of the raceway. The shooter perched himself in the flagger’s stand above the start/finish line, facing away from the hoop.

With two hands, he heaves the ball backwards over his head and across the raceway. Without ever even turning around to look, he smiles at the camera as the ball rattles through the hoop.

Helium balloon basketball: Shot 3

For the third shot, a new shooter is standing in the inside lane of the track, almost directly below the helium balloon basketball hoop.

With one great one-handed launch, he throws the basketball nearly straight up toward the night sky… and the ball arcs up and drops down through the net.

The first shooter wants to prove he can match the shot, and he does… eventually, because when he sinks his shot it’s day time again.

Obviously it took at least a couple of days to make all of these shots, but we’d love to know how many attempts that unbelievable first shot off of the roof took!

It just so happens that we have lots of helium and lots of balloons right here in our warehouse. Anyone for a game of helium balloon H.O.R.S.E.?


Source: devinsupertramp, Dude Perfect