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With another shortage looming, we will take this opportunity to assure you that you’ll never receive a helium allocation letter from Zephyr. Here’s why—


Helium allocation letters are being issued

If you are working with other major helium suppliers, you may have already received your helium allocation letter as companies prepare for what looks to be another prolonged shortage on the horizon.

If you aren’t familiar with the process, here is a breakdown:

When supply can’t match demand or are otherwise hindered by world events, most major suppliers will issue a helium allocation letter. This is a notification informing you that your company will no longer receive its normal amount of helium.

Depending on a multitude of factors, your reduction may be small or quite significant. It may last for a short term, or it can extend out to long periods of time. Your prices may go up. They may stay the same.

The silver lining is your supplier will usually permit your company to seek another third-party supplier to make up the difference for the amount of helium that they can no longer provide you. It’s a temporary release for the lost helium supply and not a contractual release.


Helium shortage impact on Zephyr and Zephyr customers

Zephyr’s supply of helium is a different story. With Zephyr Solutions, you will NEVER receive a helium allocation letter. If you aren’t buying your helium from Zephyr, this is a big reason why you should. But it’s not the only reason. Get a free helium quote and see the difference.

Is it magic? No. False promises? Never. It’s simply because of the system we put in place over a decade ago.

From the beginning, Zephyr Solutions had the foresight not to put all of its eggs in one basket.

Zephyr’s own Charity Szili explains: “We source from 186 independent delivery agents in all 50 states and work with major gas suppliers around the world and this is what allows us to pivot. This protects us during times of shortage, like in 2012, or the Qatar shutdown last year. While many majors ran dry, we were able to continue supplying helium to all of our contract customers without any dip in service or supply. Rest assured, we will continue to be able supply helium to our customers as they need it.”

We proactively watch the market, global relations, and the natural fluctuations of helium availability. We have built the most diversified supplier and distributor networks in the entire industry. As helium allocation letters are being sent from other suppliers, Zephyr customers remain unaffected.

It’s business as usual for our customers. You can trust your Zephyr helium will be delivered in-full — any time, every time.



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