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Helium plasma technology is responsible for incredible new non-surgical medical procedures — from facelifts to gyencology.


Every now and then we like to drop a little knowledge on you, highlighting some of the new, interesting, and even bizarre uses for industrial gases like helium.

It’s not just for balloons! But if you need helium for your balloon program, get a free helium quote from us here. Regular readers of our articles may recall some of the more “unconventional” every day uses for helium.

Leak detection in ships, welding, microscopes, smart phones, hard drives, MRIs, and spaceships are just a fraction of the purposes and items that operate on or with helium.

Lasers are another. While traditional lasers — even supermarket bar scanners and laser pointers — that used helium gas have mostly been replaced by diode lasers, helium is still shining in the medical procedures industry.


Helium plasma technology is non-surgical cutting

Bovie Medical Corporation calls the technology J-Plasma®, explaining in simple terms that it is essentially a plasma laser that uses RF energy cooled by cold helium plasma.

As their website explains, it works by passing helium gas across an energized electrode, which creates a focused stream of low-current cold plasma that can be extended to actually make precision cuts at the micron level.

Helium is the preferred gas because of it’s extreme light weight and high stability. It can be ionized at very low energies, which is why it was, until recently, the preferred method for traditional lasers.


Helium plasma technology benefits

The advantages are tremendous. The helium plasma device allows for high precision, reducing unintended tissue trauma, and is fully non-surgical, as you see in the video above.

According to the company website, this technology can be utilized for a wide range of both cosmetic and medical procedures, from ovarian endometriosis to scar revision.



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