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Do you need to know how to make a latex balloon arch? You’ve come to the right place—it’s easy! Make your latex balloon arch in 20 minutes. No helium!

Zephyr Solutions Latex Balloon Arch Kit

Inside the latex balloon arch kit

Before we start assembling, let’s quickly go over the contents of your latex balloon arch kit. Inside, you should find:

  • A ZIP electric latex balloon inflator
  • A 20-foot white arch cord
  • 2 bases
  • 2 two-piece extension poles
  • 40 plastic balloon rings
  • 2 topper caps

You do not need helium! Instead, you’ll use the ZIP inflator to quickly fill your latex balloons with air.

If you’re using the standard 11-inch latex balloons, you’ll need 128 of them for your arch. Keep a few spares handy just in case you need replacements. You can always refer to our handy arch and column balloon calculator as well.

Your latex balloon arch: wide and short or tall and narrow?

Before you start to assemble your latex balloon arch, take a look at your space. How wide do you want your arch? Are you limited in height? Then make a wider, shorter latex balloon arch. You can do all of this using the same kit – it’s simple.

If you aren’t sure, reference our Latex Balloon Arch Kit Measurement Guide.

Build your latex balloon arch!

Let’s build. Below are the step-by-step instructions for how to make a latex balloon arch. (You can also download a printable PDF of these instructions here.) This will be much easier with the help of a friend, by the way.


  1. Remove the pole receptacle from the bottom of each base.
  2. Place bases near the location you’ll want them, either 11 feet, 10 feet, 9 feet, or 8 feet apart.
  3. Fill the bases with sand, cat litter, or marbles.
  4. Insert the pole receptacle into the center of each base and turn to lock.


  1. Plug your electric balloon inflator into a grounded standard outlet. For your safety this is best done indoors.
  2. Follow the instructions for inflation that are included with your ZIP electric latex balloon inflator.
  3. Inflate your balloons to roughly 11 inches in diameter.
  4. Insert inflated balloons into the patented balloon rings. Slip each balloon into the slot on the balloon ring, leaving the knot of the balloon on the inside of the ring. You will need 4 balloons for each ring and will use 32 rings for your arch.


  1. Using the female-ended pole, insert half of an extension pole into the pole receiver. (You will not need the upper halves of the poles for this application.)
  2. Turn the top of the pole receptacle to tighten around pole, securing it in place.
  3. Assemble the arch rod. Insert each white rod into the silver connector between each rod to make one long arch cord and lay it on the ground.
  4. On each extension pole that is mounted to the base, thread the balloon rings (with balloons already inserted) until the pole is full. This is typically a total of 3-4 balloon rings per pole. To prevent balloons from coming out of the rings, make sure you have the slots on each balloon ring FACING DOWNWARD. Make sure balloons are snuggled into one another.
  5. Thread remaining balloon rings (with balloons already inserted) on the bendable arch cord. If a balloon happens to pop during or after the arch is set up, you don’t have to disassemble anything. You can easily remove the popped balloon and insert a new one into the balloon ring slot.
  6. (Get a friend for this part) Lift the arch cord from both ends while keeping gentle tension on the cord from both sides. Too much pressure will pull the cord apart.
  7. (Person 1 and 2) Maintaining gentle tension on the cord from both ends, lift the latex balloon arch cord together and slowly bend to create an arch.
  8. (Person 1) Insert one end of the arch cord into the top of the extension pole and slide all the way down. Hold base securely until the arch cord is inserted into the other base.
  9. (Person 2) Slowly bend the arch cord and insert the free end into the top of the extension pole in the second base. Slide all the way down inside the pole.

You did it! Take ten steps back and admire your latex balloon arch. That wasn’t so bad, was it? If you’re feeling up to it, we’d love to see your design. Take a photo and post it on our Facebook page!



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