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Industrial propane for forklifts is the obvious fuel choice for a number of reasons. We’ll show you why and how to buy and never go dry.


Propane for forklifts against alternate fuels

Over the life of your machine, propane is the most cost-effective method of fueling your forklift, compared to the gasoline, diesel, and even electric. Here’s why:

Propane for forklifts provides maximum power at all times. Can the same be said for gasoline and diesel? Yes, but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

You might think, well electric forklifts are the cheapest to fuel because I just have to recharge the battery. Well, yes, it’s true that you just have to recharge the battery. However, that takes time – a lot of time. If you’re sitting around waiting for a battery to charge, that time equals money. You can purchase additional batteries, but those costs add up, including the cost of the electricity to power the battery every night.

Furthermore, electric forklifts will never operate at full torque and speed after the initial minutes of use from a fresh battery. As soon as that battery starts to drain, so does the power capabilities of your forklift. That means you have to work more slowly, and use more power for smaller tasks. The time lost snowballs, and that equals operation costs.

Back to gasoline and diesel. Yes, you’ll get the same maximum power and speed as when using propane for forklifts. But because of the emissions of these two fossil fuels, it really isn’t safe to use your forklifts in closed doors, such as in your warehouse.

Refueling gasoline and diesel forklifts also poses potentially serious hazards, especially if an employee is careless around the fuel or hoses. And what about refueling stations? Do you have them on-site? Do you have to store liquid gasoline on your property, or transport your forklifts out for refueling? And gasoline powered forklifts require more maintenance on a regular basis.


The advantages of propane for forklifts

Using propane for forklifts, all you need to do is swap out the empty cylinder for a full one. You’re back to work with zero delay.

Your propane tank will keep your machine running at full power for up to 8 continuous hours before it needs to be swapped out.

Better yet, propane forklifts can operate indoors and out, with no worry about harmful emissions inside your warehouses. In fact, propane is so much cleaner that in some states, it is the only allowable fuel for forklifts by law.


Always have propane for forklifts on-site

A great forklift propane supplier, like Zephyr Solutions, for example… will always work with your manager to ensure you have a supply of fuel on your property. (Yes, we can provide you a propane quote!) We deliver nationally, have centralized billing and ordering, can provide cages, and refill your bulk tanks, right on-site.

A great supplier will set you up with a simple, automated reordering system that prompts a new delivery of tanks when you hit a certain minimum of propane remaining at your site. This ensures you’ll never be stuck without propane for your forklifts and never be holding up operations waiting on a delivery.

A great propane supplier will also be able to provide you key lock, regulation compliant cylinder cages, installed safely at your property. Other than calling in the initial request, it’s a total hands-off experience for you and your staff.



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