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A new gadget has hit the market that when inserted into a latex balloon, conserves up to 30% of the helium normally required to fill the balloon.

As a responsible helium supplier, we here at Zephyr are always looking for ways for our customers to conserve their helium AND their wallets. In 2015, we published a handy guide with 12 tips for conserving helium, but every so often something new comes along that presents another way to save the noble gas.

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Conserve 30% of your helium

UK balloon company, B-Loony® has invented a little contraption that can save as much as 30% of the helium that is normally used to inflate a latex balloon.

Called the Helium Saving Valve (HSV™), it’s a child-safe device that gets inserted into the neck of a latex balloon. When the balloon is inflated with helium, the valve draws in surrounding air at the same time, conserving as much as 30% of your helium gas.

According to James Clephan, Production Director of B-Loony, the 70% helium balloons will be able to float for about 6 hours and the added weight from the HSV™ is very minimal.

If you’re filling your latex balloons from a disposable, retail helium tank, the HSV™ is a perfect way to make your helium supply last longer than it normally would.

Now, if you’re filling a lot of latex balloons directly from a larger industrial cylinder, or you need to fill foil balloons…


Conserve 40% of your helium

Zephyr manufactures its own line of helium inflators and regulators and we offer a pair of 60/40 helium-air mixing balloon inflators that let you conserve 40% of your helium. There’s nothing to insert or add to the balloon. Simply inflate it, tie it off, and move on to the next one.

The 60/40 Latex Balloon Inflator (BR6040L) affixes directly to the helium cylinder and features a pressure gauge that lets you know how much gas you have left in the tank. When you inflate the balloon, the brass push valve pulls air in from the environment, allowing your latex balloons to float with up to 40% less helium.

The 60/40 Dual Balloon Inflator (BRDUAL6040) features all of the same as the 60/40 Latex Balloon Inflator, but it also allows you to fill foil balloons in addition to the latex balloons while still saving 40% of your helium.

Both of these helium/air mixers allow you to fill with 100% helium if you so choose by simply putting your finger over the air hole.

So there you have it — three innovative ways to float your balloons while conserving helium and saving significant costs. If you have a tip to conserve, save, or recycle helium, tell us about it on our Facebook page!


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