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There’s little debate that propane for floor burnishers and buffers is the best option for powering your machines. Here’s why, and how to maintain supply.


Propane for floor burnishers and buffers vs. electric

Let’s come straight out with it — propane for floor burnishers is truly the only way to unleash the full power and capabilities of your machine.

Compared to the other power supply options, which includes cord and battery, propane powered buffers operate at max RPMs at all times, throughout the entire 8-hour lifespan of your fuel cylinder supply.

What that means is, unless you’re using propane for floor burnishers and buffers in your arsenal, you will never achieve the “wet look” shine on your floors. Electric and battery simply cannot generate the sustained power to provide the high RPMs needed to leave that shiny finish.

The disadvantages of cord power are obvious. Aside from the low RPMs, you’re also constrained by the cord attached to the wall.

Battery power gives you the same mobility as propane for floor burnishers, but as we mentioned, you sacrifice power and speed, and you also have to wait on charging batteries to complete your work. Or you can purchase a fleet of batteries and always have to maintain a charging schedule.


The pros of propane for floor burnishers

If your goal is to leave that beautiful wet shine glass look on your floors, you simply must use propane. There is no other way to generate enough power and speed to get that incredible polish.

As for refueling, with propane for floor burnishers, when the tank runs dry you simply remove it, pop in a new cylinder, and you’re good to go. A single propane tank will provide power for the entire work day.

No waiting for batteries to charge, no concern with extension cords and finding enough outlets to complete the job, and no refueling maintenance.

Propane burns clean, so it is perfectly safe to use indoors.


Worry-free propane for floor burnishers always on-site

A truly great propane supplier, like Zephyr Solutions, to name one… works with your supply manager to develop an effortless system of delivery and supply, so there is never any emergency where work has to cease because of a lack of fuel.

A great propane supplier will also be able to provide you key lock, compliant cages for your tanks, installed safely and to regulations right on your property. It should be a total hands-off experience for you and your staff.

(Yes, we can provide you a propane quote!) We deliver to every town, city, and state in the U.S., have centralized billing, one-touch ordering, and we can provide and install your cages and refill your on-site bulk tanks.



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