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To understand the benefits of propane as fuel for your forklift, it’s helpful to understand how a propane powered forklift works.

The propane gas for your forklift is pressurized, self-contained tank that is easily refillable and interchangeable. When you power your forklift, the propane is pushed from the tank through to the engine undergoing a state of depressurization, which converts the gas into a vapor. A throttle is used to control the flow of this propane vapor.

Let’s continue to look at how propane powered forklifts operate from a high-level view.

Inside the engine of your forklift, air mixes with the propane after it has been converted to a vapor. Not unlike the engine in your car, the power is generated when the spark plug ignites the vapor and air mixture. This builds up pressure that initiates the movement of the engine’s pistons. The resulting power causes the wheels to turn and operates the hydraulic pump.

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Due to the fact that propane gas is a clean burning fuel, forklifts powered by this gas are safe to use inside structures like fulfillment centers, retail stores, and warehouses. On of the main reasons for using propane as a fuel other than for the power it generates, is the low emissions.

Propane Powered Forklift Hydraulic System

A propane powered forklift lifts and relocates heavy objects through the use of its hydraulics, which at it’s basics, is a system of tubes, pumps, and cylinders. The pump forces a buildup of hydraulic fluid through the tubing and into the cylinders, which pushes the piston. With the movement of the piston, the forks of the vehicle are raised, enabling large items to be lifted easily.

When the forks are lowered, the process is reversed. The hydraulic fluid is drained from the cylinders and back into the pump.

Propane Forklift Steering System

Anyone that operates or works around propane forklifts in warehouses or buildings knows that the machine must operate efficiently in tight quarters. For this reason, these pieces of equipment are designed for easy maneuverability.

A propane powered forklift is controlled with a steering wheel, but unlike your car or truck at home, the rear wheels are do the turning. Because of this, the steering is actually backwards compared to a typical automobile. In a forklift, when you turn the wheel to the left, the wheels turn right, and vice versa. This enables the forklift to pivot quickly and on a tight radius, making it ideal for restricted space environments.

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