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Going as a clown for Halloween? People may still be on edge from last year’s clown pranks, so be safe this year by carrying a red helium balloon.


2016 – Clowns terrorize America

You may recall, last year officials all over the country were strongly urging trick-or-treaters and adults alike to not dress as clowns for Halloween.

The clowns terrorizing neighborhoods reportedly started in the woods in South Carolina.

As this hit the national media, reports and videos of clowns, usually carrying black helium balloons, terrorizing people started popping up all over the country, and the prank started to get very serious, very quickly.

A teen in Columbus was chased by a clown with a knife.

A woman in Cincinnati was attacked by a man in clown costume.

People dressed as clowns were jumping in front of cars in New York, trying to cause accidents.

A clown attempted to smash through a young woman’s car window in Portland.

These are just a few examples of literally hundreds. As you likely recall, people started to defend themselves as clowns began terrorizing more folks across the country.

Some were shot at, swung at, sliced at. Very serious stuff — all which led to police departments and city officials desperately urging people to not dress as clowns for Halloween so that they weren’t mistaken for the “pranksters”.

That was last year, and the trend seems to have stopped.


2017 – A major clown movie is released

But this year, a remake of perhaps one of the most legendary clown movies of all time came out in theaters.

As you may have guessed, the “Pennywise” clown costume from Stephen King’s “It” has been a big hit in stores this year.

So, to be safe out there, especially if you’re an adult going as a clown, some police departments are suggesting that it might be a good idea to carry a red helium balloon when you’re out on the streets.

The idea is that the red helium balloon will identify you as the character from the movie, and more importantly, signal to anyone that might be on edge this year that you are not there to lure children into the woods or terrorize a homeowner.

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Will it be a big deal? Probably not in most places. But better to be safe than come up against someone who is on edge and ready to defend themselvers.

So, if you’re going as a clown, carry that red helium balloon!

Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us at Zephyr!


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