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Zephyr’s retail helium service was tailored for retail chains and large-volume companies nationally. Here’s why it’s ideal for your balloon program.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an expert retailer, professional buyer, or business manager looking for an affordable retail helium service that reliably delivers everywhere, every time, and is as hands-off as possible. We’re happy you found us.

Let us quickly mention, Zephyr does not deliver helium residentially, so if you’re seeking a retail helium tank for use at home or a party, you’re in the wrong place.

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The expert’s expert

At Zephyr, we work with national and regional chains every single day. Our retail helium service and national delivery network was built specifically for balloon programs and retail stores.

If you’re experienced with using a past retail helium service, you know how the process works. That said, your previous helium service provider likely delivered and invoiced on auto-pilot. At Zephyr, we are always looking for ways to save you cost, time, and effort through the duration of our relationship. It isn’t just about delivering tanks to stores.


The beginner’s expert

If you’re new to retail helium service and balloon programs, you may be overwhelmed initially. There can be a lot of information to learn, from geographic deliveries and schedules to tank sizes, fill capacities, and even regulator knowledge.

Some providers are going to tell you what you need and ask for the signature. At Zephyr, we take pride in sitting down with you to show you all of the options and provide our recommendation, not sell you products to hit a quota. We will educate you about all of the options and let you decide once you’re comfortable with your solution.

We’ll even tell you which questions to ask regarding your retail helium service, even if you’re leaving our meeting to meet with someone else. For example, does “national-delivery” mean guaranteed delivery to the most remote of locations as well, or is it a marketing term for coverage in only major cities?


Retail helium service at a lower cost

At Zephyr, we know you need to make the most of your allotted budget, and you’d like to save on that budget whenever possible. We get it, and we’ll help you do it.

For instance, sometimes something as simple as a different tank size can save you money across certain stores. Or even investing in hardware like a helium-air mixing regulator, decreasing your helium usage per fill. These savings adds up over the lifetime of your helium service, and those are just two examples.


Ask the right questions

The first qualifier everyone looks at with a retail helium service is cost. That one is obvious. But once you’ve established your budget, dig deeper into the inner-workings of your potential provider.

Ask about their ordering and re-ordering process. Ask if they offer any telemetry systems that can allow you to monitor tank usage and levels across all of your locations from a central dashboard. You should even ask about their billing processes. If you or your staff have to spend valuable time away from your business to bury themselves in paperwork, that is a cost you are covering.

This is just a brief peek into what should be considered when selecting a retail helium service. We would love to give you the whole picture, or answer any questions you may have — even if we aren’t your current helium provider.


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