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Where to get nitrogen? It’s a simple question really. Simple answer: A lot of places can sell you nitrogen. That answer is true, but is that the complete answer? Go back a step further – are you actually asking the right question?

When you’re deciding where to get nitrogen, the bottom line is always the same — price. Price is very important, no doubt! After you have your price though, it is time to take an extra step and dig deeper with the potential supplier.

After all, a lot of different providers will sell you nitrogen. Some may be pricey, some may be extremely cheap. In either scenario, ask the right questions to each supplier to find out what differentiates one from another, what do they do that justifies either end of that price spectrum, and who really sees you as a long-term partnership versus who just cares to see you as an invoice.

Ask what the supplier’s delivery capabilities are and have them back it up with fact and a proven track record. If you’re a single location business, this may not be as important, but if you have multiple locations and especially if some are out of the way of more populated cities, this is critical. If that supplier can’t really deliver to your harder to reach locations, or can’t promise regular delivery, look elsewhere!

When deciding where to get nitrogen, ask about the ordering and invoicing processes with your potential supplier. Have them take you through their ordering and reordering process. Every supplier’s process is different, and some can be simple while others are labor and time intensive. If you or your staff is spending time submitting orders and then organizing paperwork, that time and internal cost adds up each month.

Ask about industry standards and certifications. Is your supplier an expert in your industry, whether it’s food and beverage, fire safety, brewing, or other? If they do not fully excel in your industry, they won’t be able to help you answer certain questions that may arise, emergencies, help with your staff training, or even know how to find you potential tax breaks.

How easy or difficult is it to get in touch with a real person when you need a quick question answered, a delivery adjustment, or have an emergency? Go so far as to dial in to the supplier’s system to see where it takes you. Can you quickly connect with a support or account person?

There are important considerations when you’re choosing where to get nitrogen that go beyond price. Use this article to help guide you in your decision-making.

How can Zephyr help you?

Zephyr supplies 99.99% pure compressed nitrogen gas for the food and beverage industry (http://askzephyr.com/nitrogen-gas-food-beverage/), brewers(http://askzephyr.com/nitrogen-gas-food-beverage/), and for fire safety and prevention (http://askzephyr.com/nitrogen-gas-fire-prevention-safety/). We deliver in 200- and 300-cubic-foot steel cylinders as standard, but can provide additional sizes and bulk filling per request — always at the most competitive rates.

As you have already learned though, where to get nitrogen goes beyond price, gas purity, or tank sizes.

With Zephyr, you get a dedicated account representative who will go the extra mile to learn as much about you, your business, and your needs as possible. When we fully understand your business, we become able to provide suggestions and tips to help you maximize it, and reduce your costs. And when you call, you get an in-house Zephyr representative, not a call center or computer system.

While it may not seem like a major perk right out of the gate, when you order Zephyr nitrogen you also get our centralized ordering and billing system. With one-step reorders and invoices within the same system, you can focus on generating revenue, not on paperwork. This is a huge, cumulative time and energy saver, which allows you to focus on what you do, not on what we do.

As for delivery capabilities, this is where we outshine the competition. We pride ourselves on a network that can deliver nitrogen to anywhere, whether it’s a large city or the middle of nowhere. We also offer off-hour, emergency delivery options and support.

If you’ve now realized that there is a more complete answer to what should be a more probing question, then Zephyr should be your first stop for where to get nitrogen. We know what you should be asking, and better yet, we have the most complete answer in the business.

To learn more or to get a free quote for your nitrogen gas needs, call: 1-877-275-9374. You can also submit a free quote request any time, 24/7/365, right here on our website. (http://askzephyr.com/get-nitrogen-quote/)