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We at Zephyr Solutions are thrilled to announce the launch of our new cylinder telemetry technology, giving you real-time control from anywhere!

For customers and partners with helium and other gas cylinders, particularly across multiple locations and regions, this is a can’t-miss announcement!


New Live Monitoring Cylinder Telemetry Technology

We are now offering our Live Monitoring & Tank Manifold System with real-time cylinder telemetry technology. This system lets you access information on your cylinders and levels 24/7/365, in real-time, from quite literally anywhere.

Our cylinder telemetry technology provides you up-to-the-second data on the condition of your cylinders, displaying your gas usage and levels on each and every cylinder, in real-time.

Helium or CO2 levels low in a tank in Utah? You’ll get a notification that its time to reorder right on your smart phone! No longer do you need to worry about cylinders and gas supplies — you can focus on your business, like you should be able to!

Every part of our manifold system, from the copper piping to the brass nozzles, is designed, implemented, and monitored by Zephyr industry experts. Zephyr’s Live Monitoring & Tank Manifold System ensures your tanks will be the most efficient and productive they have ever been.


Here are just some of the added benefits of our Live Monitoring Cylinder Telemetry Technology:

• Schedule supply requests when low alarms indicate refill needed.
• Precisely pinpoint leaks or other issues to get tanks or regulators fixed and/or replaced asap.
• Check usage and levels across all locations. From the beach.
• Plan ahead for future deliveries.


Fully Scalable Cylinder Telemetry Technology

The system is fully scalable across multiple operations and customers, and can operate independently or in conjunction with your existing IT system. All data is sent to the cloud and available 24/7/365 in real-time by smart phone, tablet, or PC.

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